Pomera: Japan's new ultra-compact "digital memo" with foldable keyboard

Tokyo-based stationery maker King Jim today introduced the Pomera, a Japan-only ultra-mobile handheld device, which is marketed as an add-on to notebooks and PCs.

The Pomera is sized at just 145x100x30mm (weight: 370 grams) and features a slightly futuristic, foldable keyboard as the main selling point. When unfolded (King Jim says this just takes 2 seconds), users can type in characters on a 250mm wide QWERTY keyboard. The Pomera also comes with a 4-inch monochrome TFT screen with a resolution of 640×480. It runs for 20 hours with just 2 AAA batteries.

King Jim says the Pomera is developed for people who just want to jot down text while on the go. That’s why the company decided not to include Internet or mail functionalities. At least, the device supports microSD cards (2GB maximum) and features a USB port.

I wonder if such a product would ever be successful outside Japan. King Jim will start selling the Pomera in Nippon on November 10 in black, white and orange. And they want a lot of money for it: $260.