Q-Train: Takara Tomy sells super-cute, remote-controlled toy trains

Japanese toy maker Takara Tomy is famous in Nippon for its Q-series: Choro-Q (extra-small toy cars), Heli-Q and even QFO (small UFOs attacking Tokyo).

Now the company has developed the Q-Train, miniature toys that are designed like real trains used in Japan. Each Q-Train consists of 3 wagons that are just 3cm long. Users can make the trains drive forward, backward and also turn left or right via a wireless remote control. It is possible to control 2 trains with one remote at the same time.

Takara Tomy is active globally (as Tomy in the USA) and they used to sell the Choro-Q cars as Penny Racers everywhere in the world, which means that an export of the Q-Train doesn’t seem impossible.

In Japan, the Q-Trains will go on sale November 15 (price: $38). Users get several extras for their money, i.e. a mini railway crossing, a bridge, signposts, traffic lights etc.