SMART Table: You know, for kids

Well here’s the first multi-touch, multi-user device for teaching early childhood skills. Like the surface, you can drag things around the surface and play word and picture games with multiple people just by dragging images around the screen.

The table launches on Thursday and will cost an actually amazingly inexpensive $7,000.

• What is the SMART Table? It has multitouch, multiuser capability, it has gesture recognition and it’s really customizable.
• What does the SMART Table do for learning? Students use their hands to complete interactive learning activities and games, encouraging collaboration. They develop skills in areas like reading, counting and visual spatial awareness. 
• How much will it cost? Between US$7,000 – US$8,000.
• Why should you care? SMART shipped the first touch sensitive SMART Board interactive whiteboard in 1991. Around the world millions of teachers and students use SMART products on a daily basis and just recently we shipped our millionth SMART Board interactive whiteboard. Now the SMART Table is around the corner – the next big thing in learning technology.

SmartTech, the creator of the table system, is well-versed in gesture recognition thanks to their Smart Board whiteboard that scans images drawn on a whiteboard and prints them on demand. This isn’t a Surface product. Instead, it uses Smart’s DVIT (Digital Vision Touch) system to watch for fingers on the screen.
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