Toshiba Qosmio announces X305-Q708 notebook powered by quad-core Intel Core 2 Extreme CPU


Just when you thought that the sun had set on using the word “extreme” for everything, here comes a verbal solar flare to light it all right back up. Buzzwords aside, it’s almost certain that the Toshiba Qosmio X305-Q708 is exponentially more powerful than whatever computer you’re using at this very moment.

It should be, too, with an MSRP of just under $4,200 (my first car cost $4,000). Toshiba says it’s available from and a variety of retailers, but I’m unable to find it at the moment. I’m guessing it’ll surface soon, though.

So what does $4,200 get you in a laptop these days?

  • Vista Ultimate (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9300 CPU
  • 17-inch display at 1680×1050
  • HDMI out, DisplayPort
  • Four Harmon Kardon speakers + subwoofer
  • 4GB of RAM
  • 320GB SATA hard drive at 7,200 RPM
  • A second 128GB SATA solid state drive
  • DVD burner
  • 1.3-megapixel webcam
  • NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics, plus…
  • Dual 512MB NVIDIA GeForce 9800M GTS graphics cards set up in SLI mode

That GeForce 9400M is setup in Hybrid SLI mode, so you’ve effectively got three GPUs working for you. It would have been nice to see a 1920×1200 resolution squeezed into that gigantic LCD but, hey, what’re you gonna do?

Full press release here.