‘Hybrid Dual Portable Computer’ gets Atom-ized


Back in March, you and I briefly chatted about the Hybrid Dual Portable Computer, or HDPC, from a company called MIU out of Korea. It appears that MIU has updated the once-chunky HDPC into a somewhat less-chunky version that now uses Intel’s Atom processor over its predecessor’s VIA C7M ULV chip.

According to Jenn over at Pocketables, The “dual” part of the HDPC moniker stems from the fact that “the device has two screens, two processors, and two operating systems.” When flipped open to expose the keyboard, there’s a 4.1-inch touchscreen with an 800×480 resolution displaying Windows XP, all powered by the Atom chip.

When the screen is flipped over, the device is “closed” and makes use of a secondary 2.4-inch AMOLED screen with a 320×240 resolution. The interface appears to be some sort of Windows CE-based OS and is powered by an ARM processor. It basically turns the PC into a cell phone, allowing you to use a GSM network to make phone calls. You can make VOIP calls, as well.


I’ll be honest. I like this device. I might even buy one if I could figure out where the hell they were sold. There’s loose talk that its already available in Korea for around $500, which seems like a pretty good deal to me. I’d probably have to give up wearing super-tight leather pants if I ever hope to fit this thing in my pocket but, hey, the 80s are so over, man.

Whether you’re able to find one or not, the bigger picture is that these sort of devices are possible and do, indeed, exist somewhere. We’ll likely see more and more of them in the near future.

[via Pocketables]