Video gallery: Watch the Augmented Reality Tuttuki Bako Box in action

Two weeks ago, I blogged about Bandai Japan’s Tuttuki Bako augmented reality-ish toy box, which is due out in Nippon on November 15 (price: $30). Bandai has set up a dedicated web site for the product in the meantime. The site is Japanese only but quite easy to understand.

In addition to the strange (but official) video above, a few other clips cropped up in the last 24 hours, visualizing Tuttuki Bako’s “gameplay”.

This video shows the slimeball:

This clip shows how you can annoy the girl in the box:

Bandai itself has made two additional videos. This clip shows how Bandai thinks the Tuttuki Bako will be used by foreigners, while this one shows how men in general will react to the toy.