VLP-100: Scitec Japan releases palm-sized video projector

Osaka-based electronics company Scitec Japan today announced [JP] it will start selling the VLP-100, a mini video projector, on the Japanese market at the end of this month.

Scitec says the main selling point is the size of the product. The VLP-100 is sized at just 180x110x55 mm and weighs 1kg. However, the projector’s resolution is just 320×240 (QVGA), which is – according to the company – still enough to enjoy games and DVDs on a 50-inch screen (sold separately for $80).

The VLP-100, which uses 4 OSRAM LEDs as a lighting source, features built-in stereo speakers (2x2W), a contrast ratio of 150:1 and a maximum brightness of 350 lumens.

The device will be available for $320 but probably not find its way outside Nippon.