Want to hear the free songs coming to Rock Band 2 on November 4th? We've got the streams

Anxious to hear the 20 new free songs Harmonix is planning to unleash come November 4th? So were we. Through the magic of the internets, we were able to track down streamable copies of 17 of the 20 songs.

The only downside? For most of the songs, you’ll need an imeem account to hear more than 30 seconds – and even then, some of them won’t go past the 30 second mark. Unfortunately, it’s sort of the only way we could do this without trekking too far into a legal gray area. For a sampling of what you’ll be rocking out to in just under 2 weeks, check after the jump.


(If you’re having trouble getting the full songs to play even after you’ve logged into imeem, here’s a link to the actual playlist)

SeeqPod – Playable Search

The three songs we weren’t able to track down in stream-friendly form were “Ashes to Fire” by The Ghost Hounds, “Like a Fool” by Shaimus, and “Crazy Tuesday” by TheNewNo2.

Overall, it seems like a pretty solid song pack. That Authority Zero song sounds insanely fun to play and sing, and I’d imagine that the Lesley Roy song will be a smash amongst the Yeah Yeah Yeahs/Paramore lovers. Add in the fact that it’s, you know, free, and I’ve got absolutely nothing to complain about.