A map: The technology of your voting machine


Kudos to Dvice, which put together this pretty gosh darn interesting map of voting machines in the U S of A. The map shows, county by county, what type of voting machine is in use—electronic, paper, optical scan lever and punch card—and ranks them on how error prone they are. Electronic voting machines are less error prone, while punch cards—remember Florida?—are most error prone. While Dvice rates electronic voting machines as least error prone, Homer Simpson ran into some problems.

Dvice also rates the voting machines on their hackability—electronic voting machines are most hackable. Those of you using old-style levers—that’s most of the counties in New York state—have nothing to worry about there.

My home county in New York state, Dutchess, seems to be using electronic voting machines. I wonder: is it illegal to bring a video camera and record my act of voting in order to show it off for a post?