In case you didn't hear: Max Payne movie is horrible


Renowned movie critic John Lichman has a lot to say about Max Payne, the [apparently] woeful movie based on the genuinely good PC game of the same name. (I played the PS2 version however many years ago, for the record.) The movie, which is currently sitting at a solid 19 percent at Rotten Tomatoes, “pretends it is a hard boiled detective story,” and “ignores” the original game on which it’s based. Given how well the game was received back in 2001, you wonder why the director decided to phone it in.

In a nutshell, the movie takes all the aspects that made the game more interesting than the average shooter and completely disregards them. Apparently, that doesn’t matter to many folks out there, since the movie made $17.6 million during its opening weekend.

At any rate, Max Payne joins the long list of terrible game-to-movie adaptations. Did you really expect anything different?