Meet Midori-san, the world's first blogging plant

The Japanese are perhaps the most active people in the world when it comes to blogging and reading blogs so it’s not really surprising to see the world’s first blogging plant (a Sweetheart Hoya, to be exact) coming from this country.

Midori-san (“Ms. Green), as the 40-cm pot plant is called, is the customer magnet in an Internet cafe in Kamakura (a small town west of Tokyo). Sensors attached to the plant measure bioelectrical signals that are first converted into data by a computer located next to the plant, then translated into Japanese and published online as blog posts. Right.

The blog is called Kyou no Midori-san (“Today’s Ms. Green”), but it’s currently offline. Midori-san is the brainchild of Satoshi Kuriyabashi, an engineer at a small Japanese IT firm [JP] that also operates the Internet cafe in which Midori-san is exhibited.

Not bad but I like Bandai’s blogging robot better.