New Palm OS: ALP 3.0

Alright, folks. Here we go. This is the new Palm OS, fresh out of Access, the company that bought PalmSource during the Great Post-.Com Boom Palm Upheaval. The OS supports Linux applications along with classic Garnet apps from the previous generation.

Access has published PDFs on the OS and framework and there is some expectation that the OS will be hit Japan sometime this year and, if the angels smile down upon us, we too will be able use this new OS.

I’m more excited about ALP 3.0 than Android. Palm OS has skin in the game, as they say, and has to win on this or it’s toast. I’ve been waiting for this day for years, friends, and I’m quite excited.

UPDATE – As many have noted this isn’t what you’ll be seeing on upcoming Palm devices. Palm writes:

I know that you never come right out and say that this is Palm’s official new OS, but just to be clear, the new Access OS is not the same as the OS we are developing. The development of our next OS is being handled all internally, and we are on track to introduce products based on that OS in the first half of 2009.

via Mobileburn and everyone else.