PC version of NBA 2K9 ships without CD key


Oopsies. Seems that just about every initial copy of 2K Sports’ NBA 2K9 for the PC shipped out without the ever-important CD key. You know – that, like, 72-digit sequence of letters, numbers, and symbols that you have to ceremoniously enter when you first install the game in order to prevent piracy?

A forum post on 2K’s website started out innocently enough with a simple “I can’t find my CD key but the game is asking for it” and eventually turned into a full-fledged WTF-a-palooza, with many forum members calling direct lines at 2K’s offices and/or threatening to pirate the game.

Thankfully, 2K has offered a fix.

“If you’ve had issues installing NBA 2K9 for the PC, please know that a solution is now in place. This solution will be downloaded automatically and seamlessly when you install your game, and no Product Key is required.

If you try to re-install the game and are still having trouble, please contact 2K Sports Customer Service at 415-507-7750 or customerservice@2ksports.com.

Thank you for your patience, and 2K Sports apologizes for any inconvenience.”

So that should be good enough for everyone, eh? Except people who don’t have active internet connections, of course.