Sony Ericsson releases Beta SDK for Windows Mobile v1.0.4

Looking to develop your big idea for the mobile world, but just not vibing with the iPhone or the Android platform? Sony Ericsson wants you to come hang out in their camp for a bit. Along with adding an XPERIA category to the 2008 Sony Ericsson Content Awards, they’ve released a new Windows Mobile SDK to the public. Amongst other things, the new SDK adds drastically improved support for the XPERIA X1. Sure, your audience may be a bit smaller than with Apple or Google, and the handset itself isn’t widely available yet, but.. uh.. erm.. it’s a good looking device?

The key features of the new SDK:

  • Compatibility with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 – with predefined templates for greatest ease of use
  • Windows Vista OS support (adding to its support for Windows XP)
  • Built-in true Xperia X1 phone device emulator – allowing developers to run, test and debug panels locally on a desktop without phone hardware
  • Key mapping support in the device emulator

If you’re plannin’ on putting something together for the X1, you best get to crackin: you’ve only got 38 days left in the Content Contest.