Study: Gamers are richer, more social than non-gamers

Well, this study from IGN and Ipsos Media CT should do something to clear away the bad vibe following the last study — which we will never speak of again. Among the findings in the survey of 3000 gamers:

  • Half of gamers are married and half have kids
  • Average age of new gamers is 32
  • Gaming households earn on average $25,000/year more (I’d say rich households are more likely to game)
  • Gamers are more likely to date or go out with friends

Of course, it’s just a survey and every finding is simply a correlation, so it’s more about dismissing stereotypes about gamers than saying “gamers are better!” A commenter points out that many of these things (gaming, going out with people) also correlate with simply having free time, although having free time doesn’t really correlate with earning more. Anyway, that’s for the statisticians to work out. We here at CrunchGear just guesstimate.