First Gears of War 2 review

Oh, what it would be like to work for OXM, or even PTOM for that matter, and be privy to games before all of us schmucks? One can dream.

The chaps at OXM have announced to the world that the first review of Epic’s upcoming sequel to Gears of War has garnered a 9/10.

The new issue of OXM is on-sale today containing the world’s first review of Gears of War 2. And, well, it’s easily as good as we were expecting so it’s nabbed a prime 9/10 score.

OXM Monobrow was the lucky man to play through the stunning single-player campaign and was blown away by it – we reckon it’s the biggest blockbuster you’ll see this year.

We’ve also spent a lot of our own time on the multiplayer in lunchtimes and evenings and that’s awesome too. It’s going to go straight to the top of the most-played games on Xbox Live, no question.

Lucky bastards.