Virgin Mobile Canada introduces "myPair" plan for unlimited cellular sweet nothings

We’ve all been there: There’s still a week left in your month, and you and your snuggle buddy are already 300 “Oh, I just wanted to hear your voice” calls deep. Your minutes are now almost completely gobbled up. Suddenly, you’re wracking your brain with each incoming call, trying to figure out if it’s worth your now precious time. I mean, come on, you just talked to your mom two weeks ago – if it was really important, she’d call you at least four more times.

This morning, Virgin Mobile Canada introduced a new “myPair” plan for couples, ensuring that you’ll never have to go a day without making kissy-kissy noises with that special someone. 50 bucks a month (for two lines, so $25 per person) gets you unlimited local calling between the two lines, 350 shared daytime minutes, unlimited evening/weekend minutes, and you get to pick one of the following: myCrew (Unlimited talk/text with 5 people), myTalk&Text (Unlimited texting), or myCalls (unlimited incoming calls).

Oh, and before anyone asks: Yes, “pair” means two people. That’s it.