Wow, Far Cry 2 really does look that good

You know, I saw it at E3, I watched the trailers, and I was prepared for it to look nice, but this is ridiculous. That’s a print screen (click to embiggen) from about ten minutes ago up there. That graphics like this are even possible, let alone playable, on a machine that cost me under $800 to build a year ago, is insane. Imagine if I had the power to put on AA and rock the ultra-high geometries!

Perhaps they were right over at Digg. If you haven’t given PC gaming a shot, now is a better time than ever. With a $100 P45 mobo, a $75 sound card from Asus, $100 worth of nice RAM, a $150 Core2, and a $175 Radeon 4850, you can give games like Far Cry 2 the business — and every game that comes out on both consoles and PCs will look better and play better than on your 360 or PS3. It’s an investment you really should consider if you haven’t already.