Antec Skeleton case – verdict: inconvenient

We saw this Skeleton case from Antec around a while ago, and although I was intrigued, I was also concerned at the design decisions that would have to be made to accommodate its open-air design. Would they nail it or blow it? Unfortunately, according to the thorough reviewers at Hardware Secrets, they blew it.

Not only does the case’s fundamental design invite catastrophe in the form of coffee spills, chairs rolling against it and so on, but the design compromises they’ve had to make are completely inexplicable. Your hard drives, for instance, must be fitted with special clamps, and are then hung on the outside of the case. Your hard drives. You know, where you store your precious data? Anyway, it looks like a big fail for Antec this time around, which is surprising considering their excellent track record. Maybe it was just a lark for them, but it’s an expensive, crappy lark.