Peace and quiet: UK train operator to block cellphone calls


A commuter rail company in the UK will install cellphone signal-blocking film on train windows in order to keep the peace. The film, which was developed in America, prevents cellphone signal from entering (and leaving) the train. With no signal getting through, people won’t be able to talk, loudly or otherwise, on their cellphones.

While some people may be all, “this infringes on my rights to talk to whomever I please,” just keep in mind that the film will only be installed on cars that are designated as quiet cars. That is, no one is supposed to be on their cellphone in those cars to begin with. The film merely helps ensure that that—no phones!—takes place. “Talk all you want” cars will still exist for those people who need to be on the phone.

I highlight this comment from the original Daily Mail article since it made me laugh, which is my most important barometer:

Whoever invented this blocking is a saint and saviour of the people! People under 20 may find this hard to believe, but life actually worked at least as well without mobiles…I first had one in 1993, before most people, for my profession, but it was a convenience not a necessity. The whole thing became a kind of pleb’s hobby in the UK, with “I’m on a train!” one of the worst cliches of the lot. Wow! On a train! That’s living!

Anyone who uses the phrase “pleb hobby” should be commended.