Round-up: Top 5 of the cutest Japanese gadgets of the last 2 weeks

Japan released a number of super-cute gadgets and electronic devices in the last days. Here are the top five.

Top 5: Fragrance case for earphones

Marubeni Infotech has announced the “Fragrance Case for Earphone” [JP], a small box made of aluminum tailor-made for the “Y” part of any given earphone. The box is filled with scented cotton that emits a nice smell while the wearer listens to music. The Japan-only case costs $30 (release date: November).

Top 4: Doraemon Exilim camera

Doraemon, the robot cat / hero of millions of Japanese kids, is featured on a special edition of the Casio Exilim EX-Z20 [JP]. The 8.1-megapixel camera will be sold in Japan only starting December for $340.

Top 3: Hello Kitty toaster

Japan released a slew of Hello Kitty-powered gadgets and devices in the last few weeks. Now Twinbird sells a Hello Kitty toaster [JP]. The Nippon-only device is on sale now and costs $50. Oh, and it will burn a Kitty face into your bread.

Top 2: Green House’s heart-shaped microSD card reader

Green House’s super-cute microSD card reader supports both microSD (2GB) and microSDHC (8GB) cards. Announced just today [JP], the reader will be available only in Japan starting next month (open price).

Top 1: iriver Japan’s Micky Mouse-shaped portable music player

iriver Japan last Friday announced six different portable music players (Mplayer) for the Japanese market [JP], which have been designed in cooperation with luxury brand Swarovski and Disney.

The 1GB-devices are already available but can only be bought through iriver Japan’s online shop [JP]. Pricing is moderate: $140.