Activision is working on DJ Hero


Activision is hard at work at DJ Hero (may not be the final name), which, presumably, would bring the same sense of fun that Guitar Hero brings wannabe rock starts to wannabe DJs. (Never mind that we’re starting to see signs of Guitar Hero fatigue.) That’s what World Tour‘s project director, Brian Bright, told Joystiq.

How would a DJ Hero game work? Well, it needs to capture the essence of being a DJ: staying up till 7am working clubs that double as pharmacies (get it?); kissing up to club owners who are more interested in selling Grey Goose than whether or not you play Booka Shade or that rare 19 minute remix of John Biggs’ cult classic “Where’s the Beef?”

The thing about a DJ Hero concept is that you can pretty much be a DJ with a cheap deck and some software. Bam: there’s nothing between you and Armin Van Buuren except for talent. That is to say you’re the one with talent.