Intern wanted for TechCrunch UK (maybe)

This is not set on stone as it really depends on finding the right kind of person. If I don’t find them then there’s no vacancy. But anyway: I’m looking for an intern for TCUK. Someone curious (ok, very curious) about Web/Mobile tech startups, possibly (probably!) already blogging and willing to take direction. Ideally located in London. Also there is some database work to be done in terms of plugging in info about European startups into our database, called CrunchBase. It’s about 1, maybe 2, hours work a day, 5 days a week, but those 1-2 hours could probably be at any time of the day. Would probably suit a student studying startups… maybe. It helps if the person is comfortable working virtually via IM, Twitter, SMS etc, but there will be the occasional ‘real world’ meeting. Internship to last for a fortnight initially, maybe longer. In return this person gets to understand the UK and European tech startups scene better and will get some promotion on TCUK. Please email mike [at] with your ‘pitch’ for why you should do this. Thanks.