Review: Good Nite Lite

If you have kids or roommates who are younger than three, you’ll quickly learn that toddlers can’t read clocks and, as a result, will wake your ass up at 5am. The Good Nite Lite is designed to keep the younguns asleep – or at least in bed – until you’re at least done listening to Morning Edition.

The concept is simple: you set the time and an alarm. When it’s dark, the light shines blue and displays a happy moon face. When the kid(s) are supposed to wake up – the nightlight glows yellow for a few hours and then goes off. Buttons on the back allow you to change settings over time and both faces are calm and kind and not really scary except to my son. He calls them monsters but it seemed to work for the few days we had it in his room.

The light costs $34.99 and is a great way to teach kids when you’d like them to get up. You can recreate this product by marking up a clock – say coloring a clock face yellow for daytime and blue for night time, but this seems like a considerably more elegant and useful system. Obviously it’s not for every wee one, but if getting woken up at 4:15am isn’t your idea of a party, take a look.

Bottom Line
You know, for kids.