Rogers sells 255,000 iPhones in the land of poutine

This morning, Canadian carrier giant Rogers announced that they’d managed to sell roughly 255,000 iPhones between its launch in July and the end of September.

While 255,000 is a drop in the bucket compared to the 6.9 iPhones pushed worldwide in the same window, it’s pretty significant in the battle for carrier supreme going on north of the border. With the two other big players of Canada (Telus and Bell) unable to offer Apple’s finest being as their network is CDMA, Rogers is quick to tout the fact that 33% of its new members are either from a competitor or new to cellphones altogether.

It may be a different story next year, however. As Electronista points out, both Telus and Bell are making the switch to HSPA in 2009, removing the only obstacle keeping the iPhone from jumping on their network.