$100 360 pack with 60GB HDD, headset, 3 months of Gold

Still rocking that Core system from launch — and it hasn’t gotten the RROD yet? Then allow me to congratulate you twice! But it may be time to upgrade. What you need is a hard drive, my friend, and dare I say, a headset as well. My blogmates tell me the Xbox Live experience (new or not) is slightly more juvenile than the PC gaming voice communication world, but it could still be considered essential to enjoying the games.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but the 60GB hard drive has only been an “in-system” option up until now; if you wanted to upgrade from no hard drive at all, it was either 20GB or 120GB, both outrageously expensive for the gigs gotten. So a $100 deal that includes a reasonably sized hard drive (reasonable for the Xbox, I guess), a headset (you can never have too many) and three months of Live Gold membership actually seems like a pretty sweet deal. In fact, it may be a better deal to buy an Xbox 360 Arcade system and this upgrade instead of a Pro system. Think about it.