At ease: Blackhawk's High Performance Fighting Uniform


America’s sons and daughters are still Over There, fighting the good fight and making it possible for jerks like us to fawn over cellphones, big screen TVs and impossibly tiny laptops on a daily basis. Naturally, any chance to learn more about what high-tech gizmos they use is welcome by all of us here.

For example, Blackhawk has developed the High Performance Fighting Uniform, which goes out of its way to make the wearer’s life a little easier. It’s currently being used by the SEALs and other special operations forces. The $500-a-pop suits, in the words of Defense Tech, have a:

Gusseted crotch, dual cargo pockets, articulated knees, a high-backed waist, padding pockets… a combat shirt that combines an FR [flame retardant]-material in the chest and functional sleeves like the jacket.

Even more interesting, the suits have what Blackhawk calls an “Integrated Tourniquet System,” which constricts blood vessels in the event of an injury, thereby reducing unnecessary bleeding. Every little bit helps when you’re in the middle of the desert, miles away from full-blown medical facilities.

That Blackhawk… a regular Stark Industries.