Good times: drunken Oblivion

One time I came back to my apartment in LA after a party and tried to go to sleep. Not happening. So I went outside, fired up the Dreamcast, and played Robotron 2084 for two solid hours. I’ve also done some of my best Soul Caliburating under the influence. But I have never racked up four full hours that I could not remember in a game like Oblivion, wantonly killing every NPC, guard, merchant, and horse that I could find.

This guy did, murdering most of the imperial city and racking up a bounty of nearly 100,000 gold. This thread is his screenshot journey into the horrible world he left behind when he passed out. After all, unlike games like GTA, when you do evil in Oblivion, you do it for keeps. (unless you’re invisible)

Just a little late-evening fun. How long before the Fallout 3 version of this hits?
[found it at Reddit]