Hands-on with the HP Mini 1000

I’ve been fawning over this little netbook since last week and I can’t wait to get one, but I’ll have to wait until January for the MIE version. :( Hopefully I’ll get it in time for CES because lugging this 15-inch MacBook Pro is getting old. Spec-wise it isn’t very powerful, but it isn’t meant to be a desktop replacement either. The UI on the MIE version is very intuitive and runs a gaggle of Open Office applications. There’s a repository of applications and programs that can be added to the MIE Mini 1000, but we didn’t have any Internet access, so I wasn’t able to see what I could or couldn’t install. There is some regulation on what programs can be installed and they have to be in the HP MIE repository, but I’m sure you can “hack” it to run whatever you want. I could be wrong, though. All I know is that I want it and so long as it has an RSS reader then I’m good to go.