Kimberlina solar plant in California generates electricity like it's its job


Asura just opened the first-of-its-kind thermal energy plant in California, which should generate enough electricity to power some 3,500 homes. The best part is that this plant, which is named Kimberlina, is merely a proof of concept of sorts— the real plant, to be constructed by 2010, will generate enough electricity to power, like, 120,000 homes.

The idea is dead simple: you’ve got really long mirrors (1,000 feet, to be exact) which reflect the sun’s rays. These rays are reflected onto a series of tubes that are filled with water. The water heats up and turns into steam, which in turn spins power-generating turbines. Makes you wanna become an engineer, doesn’t it?

Detractors will likely say, “That’s easy for California to do since it’s bathed in sunlight every day.” Granted, but should the technology prove efficient, what’s to stop the state from becoming an energy breadbasket of sorts to other states? Potatoes come from Idaho and Maine, electricity comes from California. Everyone wins.

via Inhabitat