Project Playlist May Boast A New CEO, An Ex-Facebooker

Rumor alert: Employees of Project Playlist, a very popular music search engine and embeddable playlist tool, have been telling people that the company has hired a new CEO to lead it to the next stage of development. And the new CEO, they’re saying, is an ex-Facebook employee.

We haven’t been able to confirm this with the company, and we don’t know which ex-Facebook employee it might be. But it’s interesting that they’ve been in the news recently, tangled up with former Facebook Chief Revenue Officer (and Project Playlist investor) Owen Van Natta.

Is Van Natta the new Project Playlist CEO? Is there a new Project Playlist CEO? We don’t know yet, but we’re digging. But its worth pointing out that Van Natta wanted his next job to be a CEO gig, and there aren’t all that many ex-Facebookers who are qualified to lead a funded startup and who aren’t accounted for.