What’s new in the iPhone 2.2 firmware?

Once word got out that the iPhone firmware 2.2 had been seeded to developers, the rumors mills started churning at maximum power. While speculation has been rampant, a source of ours stopped by to verify a few of the recently leaked features. Though we’re still waiting on one bit, we can positively confirm that Google Street View and application rating upon deletion are currently built into 2.2.

Google Street View being added to the Maps App seems to be the biggest update. Its adds public transit, walking directions, and the ability to e-mail your location to other people. This will make the iPhone a handy tool when urban hiking takes off in your city.

The other update that we’ve confirmed is one that I am not too happy about, but I understand why they added it. Starting with version 2.2, you will be asked to rate an app when you delete it. I think this so Apple can have another way to find and delete crappy apps. You are given the option to say “No Thanks” instead of rating, but I would like to see an option to disable the prompt altogether. Such an option hasn’t been spotted in the seeded firmware yet, so we’ll have to wait and see if that makes its way in.

While we haven’t personally confirmed it yet, various reports indicate that podcasts will be downloadable over WiFi via the iTunes application. While there’s no reason such a feature wouldn’t be implemented, we’re looking for a bit of confirmation from our own sources before we call it a sure thing. We’ll update you as it comes in.

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