AT&T plays nice, gives BlackBerry users free Wi-Fi, too

After months of giving and taking back free Wi-Fi to iPhone users, AT&T announced that all BlackBerry users will be privy to the “nation’s largest Wi-Fi network” if you have an unlimited data plan. Other Wi-Fi-enabled devices will receive the same treatment in the future.

Free Wi-Fi is also being offered to those with AT&T small business broadband plans, AT&T High Speed Internet plans and with qualified AT&T LaptopConnect plans. AT&T is also offering Wi-Fi subscriptions for $20 a month.

“AT&T is committed to providing its customers with the best connectivity at the best value,” said David Christopher, chief marketing officer of AT&T’s mobility business unit. “We have the industry’s leading
lineup of smartphones, along with the nation’s largest Wi-Fi network. It only makes sense for us to bring these unique capabilities together for our customers.”