Burned Out: Obama spent $44K on video game ads this month


There’s only five days till this insufferable election ends, and one of the more interesting stories as far as we’re concerned (“we” being the tech community) was that “Obama buying Burnout ads” from a few weeks ago. Some people freaked out, others were all, “What’s the big deal? Just drive past the ads,” and others were like, “People play Burnout?” It was fun for all of two minutes.

But now! Now we know how much the free-spending Obama campaign spent on the ads. The campaign spent $44,465.78 on the ads, paying the company Massive Incorporated to get the ads up and running.

You also might be interested in knowing that Massive offered its services to the McCain campaign, too—McCain refused, however. Maybe their numbers show that it’s not worth the effort to reach out to young voters?