CrunchDeals: iRiver PMPs on the cheap through the end of the year


There’s a small sale on iRiver doodads that might interest you, especially with the holiday shopping season coming. From November 1 to December 31, the iRiver Spinn, Lplayer and E100 are all getting their prices slashed anywhere from $30-$60. For example, you can grab the 8GB model of the E100 for $99. If you’re looking for something a little more flexible, the 8GB Spinn is now $229.

Why would you want an iRiver instead of, say, an iPod?

• You realize being seen with an iPod stopped being impressive by early 2004

• You encode your own music in formats like FLAC and Ogg

Non-sequitor: Anyone else think the name iRiver is a little on the silly side?