EA plans to take on the Wii Fit with their own peripherals?

The difference between a casual gamer and hardcore gamer seems to be one big grey area these days. The terminology doesn’t exactly convey the same message it used to, but that’s an argument/post for a later time.

We all know the Wii epitomizes casual gaming and it looks like EA wants to change that with a slight variation to the Wii Fit. It won’t make it hardcore, but you won’t be standing on the Wii Fit board looking like a doofus. They actually want folks to be active if they’re going to play the Wii for hours, which I’m all for. Who knows if and when this will make it into consumer’s living rooms, but it’s good to know that EA has acknowledged this huge gap in the market place.

EA Sports executive producer Dave McCarthy told Gamespot this tidbit of news the other day.

“We [at EA] think we can take a more Western approach to fitness, something a little more active that gets you moving,” he said. McCarthy then described how EA is planning a new peripheral for an unnamed fitness game which will fasten Wii Remotes to players’ bodies. Besides position, the add-on will help the Wii Remote “measure intensity, how strong your thrusts are, [and] how high you jump.”