Now (well, soon) it's easy to recycle your Sharp electronics


Most people aren’t going to go out of their way to recycle a TV or set of speakers. That’s why Sharp has helped set up a proper recycling program that will be up and running in several states by next month before spreading to all 50 of ’em within the next three years. Even better is that, in addition to accepting Sharp products, the program will also accept stuff made by Panasonic and Toshiba. Hooray for Mother Earth, right?

The program is actually run by the Electronics Manufacturers Recycling Management Company, which is a consortium charged with, you guessed it, getting consumers to properly dispose their old electronics. The group’s Web site shows where you can drop off your junk, and has state-by-state links for more information.

All well and good, sure, but that Sharp came up with the term “eCycling” is sorta unnecessary. It’s recycling, right? Why go out of your way to concoct a silly name for it?