Yep, iPhone firmware 2.2 is still vulnerable to jailbreaking

When the developer world first got glimpse of the iPhone 2.2 firmware back in late September, many were surprised to find out that nothing had been done to try and block users from jailbreaking (that is, hacking the handset to allow third party applications and modifications not approved by Apple). Nearly a month later, a second beta release of the firmware is in the hands of developers, and the iPhone-dev team has good news: jailbreaks are still working just fine.

With 2.2 presumably nearing its public release, there are only a few possible explanations for this. Either Apple’s omitting the jailbreak-breaking code until the final release to prevent a workaround being discovered preemptively, they’re not quite sure how to fix it, or they’ve simply stopped caring about jailbreaks. We’re hoping it’s the latter.