SoftBank presents 14 (partly) awesome cell phone in its winter line-up (photo gallery)

Today Japanese telecommunications giant SoftBank unveiled their cell phone line-up for winter 2008. Starting this month, the company will roll out a total of 14 new handsets in Japan.

And since a number of Japanese phone makers announced plans to drastically expand internationalization, it’s not unthinkable to see one or the other of the Japanese models in the US or Europe sometime soon.

Sharp Fulltouch SH 931SH
(awesome 3.5-inch screen with half-XGA resolution)

Samsung Omnia 930SC
(8GB of internal memory)

HTC Touch Diamond X04HT
(smart phone)

HTC Touch Pro X05HT
(smart phone with full keyboard)

Sharp 930SH
(15.2cm thickness, 8.0-megapixel camera)

Casio 830CH
(“intelligent camera”, which is especially suitable for taking pictures of persons)

Toshiba fanfun.2 830T
(extra-cute design)

Toshiba fanfun.petit 831T
(especially designed for teenagers)

Panasonic 830P
(extra-easy operation)

(already available in 15 different “pop” colors)

Sharp 830SH s
(especially designed for older people)

Nokia N82
(featuring wireless LAN)

Nokia E71
(slim smart phone with full keyboard)

Samsung 730SC
(simple cell phone with pre-paid option, which is rare in Japan)

Here is the SoftBank summer 2008 cell phone line-up.