Wii blows by Nintendo 64 in total sales


On the game console superhighway, if there is such a thing, the Nintendo Wii just blasted past the Nintendo 64, stuck its left arm out the driver’s side window, and rigidly shot its index finger into the air to let the N64 know that the Wii, in fact, is now number one. Well, not number one, but it passed the Nintendo 64 in lifetime sales.

To date, Nintendo has sold almost 35 million Wii consoles. The N64 sold almost 33 million. Here are the Nintendo consoles that are still in front of the Wii .

  • SNES: 49 million
  • NES: 61 million
  • Game Boy Advance: 81 million
  • Nintendo DS: 84 million
  • Game Boy: 118 million

Keep in mind that the Nintendo DS number can still grow.

[GoNintendo via BGR]