Science tries to explain why you love Apple (and hate Microsoft)


Why do people who love Apple hate Microsoft? Conversely, why do people who love Microsoft hate Apple? Science, that wonderful abstraction, may have an answer.

A professor at the University College London, Semir Zeki, has proposed the following: love is a blind emotion while hate takes conscious effort to produce.

Think of it in romantic terms: Why do you find that girl or guy attractive? You just sorta do; it’s hard to explain. But, why do you hate that girl or guy? I’m sure you have a laundry list of reasons.

We can apply the same logic to Apple/Microsoft. It’s a lot easier to explain why you hate Apple or Microsoft, but try explaining why you like Apple or Microsoft. “I don’t know, I just do.” Indeed.

I don’t know, it gets pretty cerebral pretty quickly. Y’all would be better served (and certainly better entertained) playing Fable II.

via CNET’s Technically Incorrect