Review: Energizer Hard Case Professional Headlight

Do you play too much Splinter Cell? Do you sneak around the neighborhood knocking people unconscious and dragging their bodies into the shadows pretending to be Sam Fisher ? If you can’t afford proper night vision goggles, you could try this headlight. You won’t see in the dark or see your neighbor’s heat signature through their wall or tell where the main electrical lines are run through your house, but it will help you pretend. It has 2 red LEDs for night vision, and a green one for pipes. Huh? Maybe I’m not the most experienced pipe layer, but I don’t recall anyone telling me that a green light would help. Also, it has a 100 lumen white LED, presumably for blinding your opponent before you knock them unconscious.

Anyway, if you don’t mind looking like a dork, headlights are one of the most useful work tools. When you need extra light while still working with both hands, it beats having to hold a flashlight in your teeth. Unlike other models, Energizer has smartly separated the button for the white LED from a second button that toggles between the red and green LEDs. This beats my last Energizer head lamp that forced me to cycle through all settings in order to turn it off. Another interesting feature is the plastic diffuser screen that you can slide out and snap in front of the LEDs. This turns the spotlight into a soft glow and reduces the glare on whatever you’re working with.

It’s a little beefy. The light is in front (duh), and the battery pack (3 AAA’s) is on the back of your head while wearing it. If you put it on backwards, you’ll find it’s brightness severely limited and you may have the sudden urge to daven. $48 dollars online.

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