Combination iPhone battery pack and flash from FastMac

Here’s my problem with this (admittedly perfectly good) product: if you need more battery time, you don’t need ten more hours of it. Usually you need maybe two more hours of it so you can get to a plug, or finish the flight, or what have you. Point being, why would you want to make your iPhone wear a big-ass battery backpack all the time? A little battery the size of a pack of gum would serve you better as an emergency source of a couple hours’ power and you wouldn’t ruin the sexy shape of your precious. And look, one just arrived in the tip inbox this very moment.

Still, not everyone is like me (thank god) and some people really need to have their iPhone functional for 24 hours — as this pack will enable you to do. It also provides a flash so now your home iBoudoir shots will be a little better lit — for better or worse.