Follow election coverage on satellite radio with Ron and Fez


Just a quick heads up to satellite radio listeners, Ron and Fez (noon to three) will be hosting some sort of election night extravaganza tonight starting at 7pm EST. Best of all, it’ll be on both XM and Sirius—XM channel 202 and Sirius channel 197.

Of course, you could also stick to the more “traditional” POTUS (XM channel 130) for your satrad election coverage, but where’s the fun in that?

Sure, you could watch CNN or Fox News, what with their garish maps and dunderheads blabbing about nothing, or you could listen to the great Ron Bennington conduct his world-famous interviews with people on the ground.

It’s being presented as “Presidential Thunderdome ’08,” and being broadcast until one man is left standing. Judging by some projections this thing could be over before sunset on the west coast.

via Orbitcast