Mobile Eye-Track: Olympus develops awesome head-mounted display

Olympus presented the newest (wireless) version of its awesome Mobile Eye-Trek, a head-mounted display, during the Digital Content Expo 2008, which was recently held in Tokyo. In contrast to other head-mounted displays, this model is meant to be used virtually anytime and anywhere.

Users can view what is like a 3.8-inch screen placed 50cm in front of the eyes without getting bothered with limited view of the surroundings (the display projects LCD images on a 3.2mm-wide optical bar located in front of the pupils).

As the device is (kind of) wearable on a daily basis, Olympus says buyers can use it to dynamically acquire information on the go, for example regarding the street they are walking on or to check emails. And all they need to do is to turn their eyes, making a cell phone almost redundant – possibly.

The Mobile Eye-Trek is currently a prototype, with Olympus planning to commercialize it in 2012.