OpenTech, Apple clone makers, now selling themselves on eBay

Good news! You can now buy OpenTech’s website, (!!!) and assets for $52,000. But if you’re sneaky, you can start bidding at about $35,000 and rock out when the bidding ends in seven days. Looks like no one decided to bite in August when they tried to sell themselves the first time.

As you know Open Tech has been up for sale on the Open Tech Site. ( if you go to the Open Tech Site you will see that it says we have posted an PayPal verified Secure eBay listing. Hello, the company Open Tech is still up for sale, but know on ebay. The items included in the price are:
-Sole ownership of the Open Tech Name
-The Open Tech Website and Web servers
-Trade Secrets for the Open Tech Home & XT
-Press Contacts -Corporate documents including logos
*The only Physical items that will be sent are Corporate documents and Legal Paperwork. And a USB Flash drive that contains all company information. (Logos,Pictures,Web Server Information)
A legal contract will be sent to the purchaser of Open Tech which has been signed off by the Owner of Open tech allowing full ownership of Opentech.

This is pretty hot, folks: a kind of crappy domain, IP that is available online, and “press contacts” that probably consist of bloggers like us. Rock and roll, people. Let’s all pool a dollar and put these boys out of their misery.