Review: FURminator Pet De-Shedding Tool

Sometimes, the simplest tools are the best: the wheel, the hammer, the chopstick. Today, we can add to that list the FURminator, the pet de-shedding tool. You might say “Oh, it’s just a pet brush.” Yes, it’s just a pet brush. It might be the best pet brush you’ll ever buy.

At $30 for “just a pet brush”, I was skeptical. After brushing a cubic foot of fur out of one of my long-haired cats in only a few minutes, I was sold: this thing does a better job than any pet store brush I’ve purchased. The handle is big with easy to grip rubber ribbing. The teeth of the comb are extremely fine, and do a phenomenal job of grabbing and removing your pet’s loose fur. Remember to be careful not to press too hard when brushing, lest you scratch your pet. The FURminator comes with a protective sheath to cover the teeth when not in use. It’s simple, easy to use, and extremely effective.

I’ve spent a couple days now brushing my cats for just a few minutes each, and each time an absolutely absurd amount of fur is removed. The cats seem to enjoy the process well enough, and their coats already look better. The FURminator would make a great stocking stuffer for that pet-owning friend or family member.