Spider Wave: A head massage thingy that makes you smarter, look stupid

I am skeptical if the Spider Wave, a new head massage device from Japan, can really make you smarter but that’s what Hiro Corporation, the website-less company behind the thing, tells Japanese media.

Users are supposed to spread the 10 spider legs (made of stainless steel) on the top of the top of the head and turn the device on. The legs will then start moving, giving you a gentle head massage that is supposed to relax and free you from any work- or school-related stress. The maker recommends an electric massage session of about 3 minutes.

Japanese online shops are selling the Spider Wave already [JP] (price: $15). When I searched for the device in Japanese at Amazon Japan, I found a very similar model here. Although that thing is twice as expensive, people living outside Japan are able to order it (learn how to do that in English here or here).

Via ITmedia [JP]