Review: GUNNAR Optiks Precision Computing Glasses

Do you get computer eyestrain? Do you want to look like a bad imitation of Hunter S Thompson? Do you have $200 to spend? Then try the GUNNAR Optiks digital eyewear. These are supposed to reduce eyestrain by decreasing glare and improving overall image quality, but do they work?

Yes and no. I tried these things for a few days straight and they made text and images on the screen seem bigger mostly because the yellow cast changed the way sharp white backgrounds appeared in relation to the images. They’re also non-reflective but do not reduce the reflections on a glossy screen. In short, they changed things considerably but not enough to say they’ve wholeheartedly improved my computing experience.

Luckily, they’re very light and very attractive and even if you don’t want t wear them for computing you can always wear for fashion’s sake. The rest of the claims are objective at best.

Like a “soft white” lightbulb, these glasses soften the images on the screen, allowing you to relax a bit when staring at bright monitors all day. As I say in the review, these things have been around for years and I even saw one guy wearing them in Wall Street. While I understand that eyestrain is a serious problem – I think computer use has started to give me migraines – I think a $189 pair of glasses might be last in the list of ergonomic solutions I’d try including not using the damn computer so much.

GUNNAR is working on a line for gamers which I’m sure will receive a rousing welcome. Until then, Pop over to GUNNAR and take a look.