Sony Ericsson announcing new stuff tomorrow, W705 expected

Much like you can always expect new iPods in September, you can always expect new Sony Ericsson announcements in November. Right on schedule, Sony Ericsson is expected to make an announcement tomorrow. A few details from the announcement have already leaked out and, from what we know so far, this one’s looking to be all about the Walkman series.

First up is the W705 (“Rika”), which looks to be a remodeled G705 doppelganger. It seems like they’ve polished up the body’s aesthetics a bit, so it wouldn’t be too surprising to see a few spec changes as well.

Also expected is the MBS-900 portable wireless speaker, which looks a whole lot like a Sony Ericsson branded smoke detector. (Pic after the jump)

[Via SEMCBlog]